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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: [OT] Ajax recommendations for use with Struts1.1
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 14:53:46 GMT
On 9/20/07, Frank W. Zammetti <> wrote:
> I think that *can* be true if you aren't careful.  The thing that I've
> found people tend to mess up when doing RIA development is that they think
> they need to do things differently than they would if it was a plain
> webapp.  We put in place some relatively simple standards early on and
> they helped immensely.  Things like commenting in the same style as Java,
> always doing everything in an object-oriented way, i.e., create Javascript
> classes for everything and no global-scoped Javascript except where truly
> necessary, develop in Firefox and test in IE (and we gave our developers a
> couple of Firefox tools, Firebug chief among them, to use), and so on.  We
> wound up with, overall, decent code.  Not perfect, but not nearly as bad
> as some other heavily client-based webapps I've seen, and not nearly as
> bad as it could have been given the complexity of the app and the relative
> inexperience in the new technologies of the team.

Just to chime in late ... an Ajax library that does well the sort of
things Frank is describing is the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Library.
Reading the source for the YUI library is an absolute pleasure!

Earlier this year, my team shipped a .NET application using the JSON
RPC architecture that Frank describes, except that we use Jayrock and
Spring. We used JSON to call from the YUI Ajax pages to "plain old
objects" on the server, that in turn called out to our business logic
and data access layer (classic business facade). Very elegant, very
effective. Though, we did have to reinvent a wheel or two.

What I like about YUI is that I can actually understand (and patch)
the source. I have trouble following the "bouncing ball" in some other
Ajax libraries.

Right now, Struts 2.0 uses Dojo behind the scenes to Ajaxify some of
the tags. But all that has been reduced to a plugin for Struts 2.1,
which opens the door for alternate plugins that use other libraries.
There is already a YUI plugin in the repository, but it only supports
a couple of tags so far.


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