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From Jim Cushing <>
Subject [S2] Can a custom component have a body? or, using <fieldset> with themes
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 22:10:08 GMT
Is something like this legal in a Struts 2 custom component:

     <s:component template="/my/custom/component.vm">
       <s:param name="key1" value="value1"/>
       <s:param name="key2" value="value2"/>
       Some text to be wrapped in my component.
       <s.text name="someProperty" />

In other words, can <s:component> act like, for example, <s:form>...</ 
s.form>? I'd like to create a HTML fieldset component that plays well  
with themes. But this doesn't result in valid HTML with the xhtml  
theme, for example:

<s:form ...>
	<legend>Form test</legend>

	<s:text ... />

If anyone's had luck using <fieldset> with a theme other than simple,  
I'm interested in how you accomplished that.

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