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From Martin Uhlir <>
Subject Re: Images
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2007 19:46:46 GMT

when the page is loaded for the first time, there is such tag in your 
html page

<img src="/hapandharpur/img/logo.jpg;jsessionid=43E71BFE7F7B323A7437A0011F5A0FE9">

may be there is problem with the jsessionid=43E71BFE7F7B323A7437A0011F5A0FE9
because no such file "logo.jpg;jsessionid=43E71BFE7F7B323A7437A0011F5A0FE9" exists on your
hard disk..

for the 2nd time (when cookies are enabled) it is loaded ok (because its already without jsessionid..),
but when cookies a disabled (that means the jsessionid remains
in the url) it is not loaded again.

I am just "cooking from the water" and I dont know how to solve this.


Prashant Desai wrote:
> I have some images displayed on my website... the images on the first page do not get
loaded when the page displays for the first time.. you can see it here...
there are images in the right top corner. One is a logo and one is a symbol.. Both of those
images do not get loaded when I access the site that is deployed on internet. If I access
the local code(which is my dev env) it opens fine...
> what could be the problem??
> This is the tag that I am using.
>   <logic:present parameter="mName">  <logic:match value="home" parameter="mName">
 <br>  <td valign="top">  <html:img page="/img/handicapped.jpg"/>  </td>
 </logic:match>  </logic:present>
> Thanks for your help.
> prashant
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