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From cilquirm <>
Subject Re: [Struts 2] : Zero Configuraiton : some feedback
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 17:12:34 GMT

I use Zero Conf and codebehind a lot, and I think they're both incredibly
useful.  especially in this newer world of convention over configuration,
etc...  When I have a package hierarchy all set up, i don't feel the need to
muck with struts.xml, because I can get directly down to coding. 

There are cases where you have to go back to struts.xml ( like wildcarding,
and being able to customize and manage interceptor refs ) , and that needs
some looking into.  

In my opinion, ZeroConf and Codebehind need to be together, and available as
a plugin, because they work so well together. This is sort of where the
smart-urls plugin  ( a great piece of work, too ) comes in.  Maybe effort
should be placed into that to plump that up and 'robusticate it' ( as my
co-worker likes to say )

In my perception of the near-future world, some additions to zc/cb or
smart-urls . some flex-json style ability for the json plugin, a bit of
guice and warp, and you've got a very easy development cycle.


Zarar Siddiqi wrote:
> I think the Zero Configuration idea is a nice idea but the
> implementation is far from sufficient and will probably get better
> over time (hopefully).  The problem mainly is with the limit of
> annotations.  There are things that can be  represented in struts.xml
> that have no chance of being represented via action annotations.  For
> example, package interceptors, global results, multiple execute
> methods in the same action etc. etc.
> Even if you do manage to represent what you want in annotations as you
> have, it quickly turns ugly and you end up wondering why you're even
> bothering mucking up your nice and clean action bean with stuff like
> contentType, text/xml and paths to FTLs.  struts.xml is a very
> powerful little method of making your actions behave any which way you
> want and I'd even prefer it over annotations unless you're doing
> something very, very basic.
> The other issue I think is the lack of the "convention over
> configuration" philosophy being used.  For example, if you have have
> an action called myAction, there's no reason why by default it
> shouldn't look like for something like myAction_success.jsp and
> myAction_input.jsp instead of having this specified by the user.  This
> idea can be extended to interceptors, global results etc.  I'm just
> blurting out what's on the top of my head but there are many more ways
> to make Zero Config better.
> Thanks,
> Zarar
> On 10/2/07, Sami Dalouche <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On, I can
>> read : "Please help us test these brave new features. Feedback
>> appreciated".
>> So, here is some feedback about Zero configuration :
>> - the feature is pretty cool, though not much documented. For instance,
>> it was not obvious to me what the "params" parameter meant in the
>> @Result annotation, and I had to dig into the source code to understand
>> that odd indexes where the keys and even ones where the values...
>> So, a freemarker view that would return XML would be described as
>> @Results( { @Result(name = "success", value =
>> "/WEB-INF/views/blabla.ftl", type = FreemarkerResult.class, params = {
>>                 "contentType", "text/xml" }) })
>> - I have been looking for a way to specify the default package, but it
>> looks like I have to manually copy / paste the following line for my
>> actions to use the "default" package settings :
>> @ParentPackage("default")
>> - And last, I am experiencing some weird problems... Basically, 9 times
>> out of 10, everything is fine, but sometimes, for no particular reason,
>> the @ParentPackage("default") line in my actions seem to have no effect
>> and the zero-conf Actions use the struts provided default stack, not the
>> one that I defined in my default package.. (either the web application
>> boots correctly and works for its whole uptime, or it doesn't work at
>> all. When it doesn't work, the only way to get it working it by
>> rebooting the web application).
>> I have absolutely no idea about the reasons that could cause that...
>> Have you heard of anything similar before ?
>> Regards,
>> Sami Dalouche
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