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From "Slattery, Tim - BLS" <>
Subject RE: styleId attribute in html:form
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 16:18:01 GMT
> Right, that has sorted the problem with the form, thanks for the help.
> I'm wondering why that tag was put there in the first place, 
> what could have been the reasoning behind that? I'm hoping 
> that removing it won't have implication elsewhere in the process...

Are you talking about the xhtml tag? There's a standard out for xhtml,
which some people want to write their web pages to conform to. The xhtml
tag (or xhtml attribute of the html tag) tells Struts to generate code
that conforms to that standard. A more interesting question to me is why
Struts insists on putting the form bean name into the form tag, and
won't let you specify your own ID tag when it's in xhtml mode. That
makes no sense to me.

At the moment, conforming to the xhtml standard - or any other HTML
standard, for that matter - doesn't really matter a lot. *All* web
browsers are very tolerant of HTML oddities and inexactnesses. None of
them insist on strict conformity to any standard. If they did, I suspect
that nearly all web pages - even those that claim to conform to one
standard or another - would fail.

Tim Slattery

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