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From "Slattery, Tim - BLS" <>
Subject RE: styleId attribute in html:form
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 14:35:33 GMT
> We have a struts form, and we need to have a styleId element 
> (which translates into a standard HTML id element). When we 
> include it, the page breaks, with no errors logged, just a 
> blank page. If we leave it out completely, when the page 
> loads an id element has been included, with the value set to 
> the name of the form as defined in the struts-config file.
> That's not id we need!

I assume you're using XHTML (either xhtml="true" in the Struts html
element or the <html:xhtml/> tag). Normally Struts will create a "name"
attribute for the form tag that contains the form bean name. But in the
xhtml spec, the form tag doesn't have a "name" attribute, so Struts puts
the form bean name into an id attribute instead. As you've seen, if you
try to specify an ID tag, Struts dies. 

Tim Slattery

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