hi!! i dont know about struts 2, but i tried uploading images to the server using Struts 1.2,and it works just fine..i dont think we get the uploaded file as it is.. wat u said is true.. we get a temp file at different locations for each web container...basically watever files are uploaded, are obtained as objects of class FormFile. we have a method called FormFile.getInputStream()..i think the rest is understood..get the InputStream,name the o/p file appropriately using FormFile.getContentType() ,write to the o/p file . sorry that iam not able to give you the jsp code in the tags format that you wrote..i dont know it.if u have multiple files to handle, get them as a FormFile array, for each element,verify content type and call the method where the file saving logic is written here is the code in the jsp, File 1
Upload Files
------------------------------------------------------------------- in the form bean, public class UploadForm extends ActionForm{ FormFile myFile1; public FormFile getMyFile1() { return myFile1; } public void setMyFile1(FormFile myFile1) { this.myFile1 = myFile1; } } --------------------------------------------------------------------------- in the execute method of Action, UploadForm uForm = (UploadForm) form; FormFile f = uForm.getMyFile1(); InputStream is = f.getInputStream(); FileOutputStream fout = new FileOutputStream("putSomePathHere"); int i=0; do{ i = is.read(); if(i != -1) fout.write(i); } while(i != -1); is.close(); fout.close(); f.destroy(); System.out.println("Temp File removed"); } abhiram --------------------------------- Get the freedom to save as many mails as you wish. Click here to know how.