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From "Nils-Helge Garli" <>
Subject Re: [OT] Need suggestion about designing web application
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2007 08:17:38 GMT
As Antonio said, _you_ as the application developer/assembler decide
the local JNDI name of the data source. Then it's the task of the
deployer to link this local defined JNDI name to an actual JNDI
resource in the container.


On 9/27/07, Antonio Petrelli <> wrote:
> 2007/9/27, Ashish Kulkarni <>:
> > Hi
> > We a to develop a web application which we want to be able to deploy on any
> > J2EE compatiable application server.
> > We would create a war file for deployment, but there is a issue with
> > database connection,
> > We do not know the JNDI name,
> > So we thought we would put xml file under WEB-INF folder, and after
> > deploying the application, modify the JNDI name in this XML and restart the
> > application,
> > Is this a good way of doing it, since BEA recommends not to modify any thing
> > after deploying the application,
> > We would be giving this war file to more then one deployment, and we do not
> > want to maintain different war files one for each deployment, but just have
> > one far which we can use for deployment in all servers.
> IMHO, you have to decide (and not change) your data source JNDI name,
> and then configure it in the container.
> Antonio
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