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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject [S2] MessageStoreInterceptor
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 16:11:01 GMT
 From the javadocs, this interceptor seems to have a relatively complicated 
configuration that caters for situations over and above what I need relating to 
message and error caching when redirects are involved.

A solution to simplify MessageStoreInterceptor would be where it puts the msgs 
and errors into the session on one call and automatically switches its state 
from STORE to RETRIEVE. On the next request after doing whatever RETRIEVE does, 
it could then automatically flip to STORE state.

Would that work?

Another solution would be if the messages and errors are stored in the session 
all the time and then removed once they have been displayed, e.g. by the actual 
actionmessages or actionerrors tag.

Can I abandon the MessageStoreInterceptor then and somehow tell S2 to put the 
actionerrors straight into the session? Then I could extend the taglib to remove 
them when displaying them.


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