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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: [OT] Ajax recommendations for use with Struts1.1
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 00:48:01 GMT
Hi Rick,

AjaxParts is still a good alternative, especially given your past 
experience.  It's still very much alive, and probably even a bit better 
than the last time you used it.

As Adam said, DWR is another alternative I think very highly of as well 
(highly enough to be nearing completion of a book about it).

We've used Dojo at work with good success, although I've always had a 
little bit of unease with it (and we're actually trying to move away 
from it little by little), but that shouldn't dissuade you from checking 
it out (especially if you just need AJAX out of it, I think you could be 
OK with it).  Prototype is always a good option, very minimal and easy 
to use.

I'd personally look at what you want/have to do... if you still want to 
stay away from Javascript as much as possible, that's always been an 
area that AjaxParts excels in (and I think doesn't have too many rivals 
in that regard frankly).

If you have some leeway though, you can have a very compelling 
architecture with DWR and Spring mixed in.  You find that you really 
don't need any framework at all, and the code you write is very elegant. 
  This is the direction I'm pushing at work, and I'm getting some 
traction given some early successes with the concept.

With the restrictions you have though, AjaxParts might be your best bet, 
especially if keeping the Javascript you have to write to a minimum is 
something important to you.  It'll still I think require the least 
amount of effort to work with Struts 1.1 your using, require the least 
amount of change to anything that may already exist.  DWR leads down a 
different path, and most of the other options, I believe, don't really 
offer anything all that different from one another.  There's always GWT 
too, although if you have to use Struts I'm not sure what integration 
options there are (nor am I sure you could use the older JDK version). 
I'm not aware of any other options that would, were I in your shoes, get 
me all that excited.


Rick Reumann wrote:
> Hey all, unfortunately I'm going to be stuck on a new project has to use
> Struts1.1 - not that I'm against Struts it's just that I'd rather use
> something less archaic like Struts2 -   We have to run on an old server(
> Weblogic8.1), won't upgrade to java5, servletspec2.3/jsp1.2), have to use
> offshore help, etc, they want to use struts1.1.  I'm prefacing it with that
> because I'm looking for suggestions in dealing with several components that
> are going to have to rely on using Ajax. I'd like to know some of your
> recommendations. I've had great experience in the past with AjaxParts (
> and will probably use them again - but
> being out of the front-end loop for a long time, I could be missing out on
> some other ajax libraries that have come out recently.
> Just a few caveats...
> 1) Has to run using some older specs (Java1.4, Servlet2.3/JSP1.2 )
> 2) I'd rather have easy to use and customize over a 'full featured gigantic
> suite of components."
> Thanks for any recommendations.
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