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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Performance Problem with Dojo
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 09:31:51 GMT
I'm not familiar with that tag you are using, but there are general ways of 
enhancing dojo, including initialising dojo with the dojo tag ids instead of 
letting it scan for them, or compiling just the scripts that you need from dojo 
instead of taking the default build.

I found last year that a page would be unacceptably slow if it had more than 15 
to 20 dojo tags, even after performance tuning. Things have probably improved 
since then, but probably not enough to provide for the usage you need.

I ended up writing my own plain javascript to cut out the processing of all the 
generic code that dojo goes through when it initialises. Dojo does a great job 
of fitting in well in any browser and any page layout but it has made it 
snail-like on page load.


Marc Eckart on 10/09/07 09:54, wrote:
> I have a table which contains a column with struts tags with ajax theme:
> <s:url id="showCustomerDetails" value="/showCustomerDetails.action" >
>         <s:param name="ipNbr" value="%{ipNbr}" />
> </s:url>
>  <td align="right" style="width:20px;">
>               <div class="info"><s:a theme="ajax"
> targets="customerdetailinfo" href="%{showCustomerDetails}"
> onclick="showCustomerDetailInfo();"><span>Kundendetailinfo</span></s:a>
>              </div>
> </td>
> If I have 100 entries in my table it needs about 6 secs to render the table,
> without these tags I need about 1 sec or less.
> Is there a way to tune the performance apart from remove these tags? :-)

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