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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Using JSTL Expression Language with Struts 2 tags
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 23:42:11 GMT
Is OGNL a standard as well as JSTL?

Ray Clough on 06/09/07 23:43, wrote:
> My rule is:  don't use the S2 tags unless I have to.  Typically, if I need 
> something from the value stack, I use an s:set tag to bring it down into the 
> page scope, and then use JSTL and EL.  Or on some pages I can use JSF tags 
> and get rid of the problem completely.  Having said that, the S2 iterator and
>  if/else tags have a far superior syntax to the JSTL equivalents.  I like
> many things in S2, but the S2 tag libs and OGNL aren't among them.  The use
> of the OGNL library would be tolerable if the S2 tag syntax were set to some
> single standard instead of using a little of at least 3 standards.  (And I
> haven't even tried JSP 2.1 syntax yet). As it stands, this is a TERRIBLE
> shortcoming in S2. - Ray Clough
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Kevin Lawrence" To: "Struts Users Mailing
>  List" Subject: Re: Using JSTL Expression Language with Struts 2 tags Date: 
> Thu, 6 Sep 2007 13:37:39 -0700
> I am not Zoran but....
> I tried for a few weeks to use OGNL but everytime I tried to type an OGNL 
> expression it took me 3 or 4 attempts to make it do what I wanted. In every 
> case, I was able to get the EL right first time.
> In the end I settled on the following rules for myself:
> - in a struts tag, use OGNL - else use EL
> If I had known that I could use EL in a struts tag, I would have... but - 
> given the start of this thread - I am glad I did not.
> I use the struts tags exclusively because they are easier to use with than 
> the JSTL tags. I would use EL exclusively (if I could) for the same reason.
> -- Kevin
> You send us code. We send you tests. For free.
> On 9/6/07, Adam Hardy wrote:
>> Zoran,
>> what do you want to script in the tags? I would be interested in a
> small
>> example, only because I often find my use of JSTL is restricted to 
>> situations where I am not using taglibs. Which leads me to ask, if you rely
>>  on
>> anyway, surely you use the Standard taglib tags?
>> Adam
>> Zoran Avtarovski on 06/09/07 05:20, wrote:
>>> That just sounds ridiculous. Because of the possibility of end
> users
>>> injecting malicious OGNL we won't be able to use JSP expression
>> language.

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