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From "Pavel Sapozhnikov" <>
Subject some advanced questions in Struts2
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2007 18:24:38 GMT
Hey guys I have posted before but I think I got no responses not sure what
happened so here I go with more information this time. I have several
questions about Struts2. Basically what I am trying to do is to learn
Struts2 on my own by trying to migrate a small piece of our existing
application which uses Struts1 / Tiles1 into Struts2 / Tiles2. I have
successfully achieved in creating my Struts2 application but a little bit
differently. So one of the questions that I have deals with mapping actions.
I have the following action definition in struts-config.xml in S1:

            <forward name="login_entry"
path="/WEB-INF/jsp/tiles/login/login_entry-tile.jsp" />

            <forward name="agency_entry"
path="/WEB-INF/jsp/tiles/login/agency_entry-tile.jsp" />

            <forward name="temporary_password_entry"
path="/WEB-INF/jsp/tiles/login/temporary_password_entry- tile.jsp" />

So the way our Action classes are organized is we have many methods per
Action class and as you can see only one action per class. What you also see
is we have this parameter="appAction" using that we go to the actions that
we want and we also have appContext which is essential this path attribute
so we can go to other actions in struts-config.xml. What I have done so far
is I have one action for each method in THAT class. What I use is
type="redirect-action" to go to the action that I want and it works great.
What I was wondering could I have the same concept in Struts2. I know I can
put params in struts2 struts.xml. I also about implementing ActionMapper but
I am not exactly sure what those methods do. So if you could help me out
with that that would be terrific.

Second question. This one deals with validation. In Struts1 we have
validation.xml with the following example:

<form name="loginForm">
            <field property="appContext" depends="required">
                <arg0 key="appContext.displayname "/>

            <field property="appAction" depends="required">
                <arg0 key="appAction.displayname"/>

            <field property="page" depends="required">
                <arg0 key="page.displayname"/>

            <field page="2" property="userName" depends="required">
                <arg0 key=" userName.displayname"/>

            <field page="2" property="password" depends="required">
                <arg0 key="password.displayname "/>

As you can see for userName and password we have this attribute called page.
In Struts2 there is no such thing as far as I know. I think this kinda of
behavior is what its called Validation chaining. I think what needs to
happen is my Login application needs to have a prerequisite validation so
even before it starts validating userName and password it needs to make sure
appContext, appAction are there. I need this exact kind of behavior and I
looked all over the place for example of validation with validation chaining
and I haven't found any. Maybe there is a way to extend some other
validation.xml which includes those things but I haven't seen people do
that. So if you could help me with that, that would be terrific.

Pavel Sapozhnikov
xFact, Inc

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