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From "Alvaro Sanchez-Mariscal" <>
Subject s:autocompleter theme="simple"
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 16:04:16 GMT
I'm using an autocompleter w/o ajax:

<s:autocompleter name="stay.teacher.countryName" theme="simple"
	dropdownHeight="200" value="%{stay.teacher.countryName}" />

The HTML generated is:

<select dojoType="struts:ComboBox"
id="teacherUpdateForm_stay_teacher_countryName" dropdownHeight="200"
name="stay.teacher.countryName" keyName="stay.teacher.countryNameKey"
    <option value="España">España</option>
    <option value="Portugal">Portugal</option>
    <option value="Francia" selected="selected">Francia</option>
    <option value="Alemania">Alemania</option>
    <option value="Holanda">Holanda</option>
    <option value="Estados Unidos">Estados Unidos</option>

If I submit the form containing the autocompleter, the fields posted values are:

stay.teacher.countryName:	Francia
stay.teacher.countryNameKey: (empty)

However, if I select in the autocompleter the same item ('Francia' in my case):

a) A Javascript error is fired:

Permiso para obtener la propiedad HTMLDivElement.parentNode denegado
[Break on this error] throw _13||Error(_12);

(translation: permission denied to access HTMLDivElement.parentNode property)

b) The following is posted:

stay.teacher.countryName:	   Francia
stay.teacher.countryNameKey:	Francia

I'm using Struts 2.0.8 and Firefox 2.


Alvaro Sanchez-Mariscal Arnaiz
Java EE Architect & Instructor

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