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From "Josef Adamčík" <>
Subject Re: Doubled requests in TabbedPane
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2007 13:40:36 GMT
On 8/10/07, Sebastian Kolbe <> wrote:
> An other problem for me is that most browsers are rendering
> very, very slow into such a 'div'. A page with tables that normally
> (normal struts-action rendering into a browser window) takes less
> than 1 second needs here almost 20 - 30 seconds.  It looks like the
> javascript in browser is doing some sort of postprocessing on the
> content?

I have noticed similiar behaviour. Struts uses component derived from
dojo's content pane. Look at
- interesting is FAQ at the bottom of the page and question: "Why is
ContentPane so slow? ".

Cite from answer:
"You probaly send it a big chunk of html with deeply nested tags.
- Send it a html fragment, not a complete page with doctype and everything
- Try to make the HTML simpler and use css for styling
- Turn off the options you dont need: adjustPaths, extractContent,
executeScripts, parseContent" ...

(the answer continues on the page, but i'll foucs last quoted point)
Struts div has parseContent option turned on in default (it allows
dojo to create other dojo components in parsed html). When i tried to
turn it of, speed of page rendering raised rapidly.

But there's a problem: struts div tag doesn't support this option.
One solution is direct construction of dojo sceleton for conent pane.
<div dojoType="struts:BindDiv" .... parseContent="false">
But remeber, you'll lose ability to include all struts tags which are
based on dojo in the loaded output.


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