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From Zoran Avtarovski <>
Subject Re: [S2] 2 Select Boxes, one based on the other
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2007 14:08:40 GMT
Any solution has to be javascript based. The question is wether you want a
server side visit or not. And that is dependant on how much data variability
there is in your second select list.

In our case if there are only a limited number of variations we download
them all as part of the initial page and use pure javascript, but if there
lots then we employ a simple ajax call.


> I apologize profusely for what has got to be a FAQ, but I can't find
> reference to this at all, either Googling or in my message archives.
> I have the classic problem of 2 select boxes, and the values of the
> second select will change based upon the choice in the first box.  I am
> using a simple theme at the present time, and have no immediate plans to
> move to anything AJAX related for this release.
> I have seen ComboBox and AutoComplete, but these don't seem to come
> close to what is needed.  IS there a Struts 2 based way to do this, or
> am I back to JavaScript?
> Thanks for any help, and again, I very much apologize for posting what
> must be a very basic question.
> Skip Hollowell
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