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From Oleg Mikheev <>
Subject Re: S2 Ajax : Static files - what, where?
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2007 17:55:27 GMT
j alex wrote:
> If you don't mind can you please paste the <script> includes and directory
> structure where you placed the actual files (in relation to the webapp
> root). I tried going thru the saved HTML output from S2 showcase example and
> got a bunch of js files ; but not able to place them correctly in the webapp
> ; getting upto speed on Dojo concepts will take me some time, and i don't
> have that luxury :-(

You don't have to work with JS files at all
You just put a <script>function....[that I sent]</script>
I was using a Firefox and Firebug w/o which getting the
real HTML output is a nightmare.
All you need to do is to substitute tag <s:text theme='ajax'> with
<input type='text' .....> HTML tag that is generated,
and remove all tables/other layout and add yours.
Then make sure JS function I mentioned work fine with your
layout - meaning they really display and clear errors.


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