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From Dale Newfield <>
Subject Re: getting user selection from a <s:optiontransferselect> object
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2007 20:50:48 GMT
Laurie Harper wrote:
> According to the documentation [1], the items in the list should get 
> selected automatically when the form is submitted -- i.e. the desired 
> behaviour / workaround is how the component is meant to work out of the 
> box. So, it sounds like a JIRA issue should be filed, but as a bug 
> report rather than a feature request.

There already is a bug related to this.

I couldn't find it in nabble, but I believe this is a known bug that's 
fixed in 2.1

In the couple places I have these controls I have this text:

"There's a bug in Struts2.0.8 that doesn't automatically select 
everything in the left list before submitting.  It'll be fixed in 2.1, 
but in the meantime, please select everything in this left list before 

Which is fine for me, since I'm the only one using this as it's still in 
development.  Not a reasonable solution for something that currently 
needs to work in production.


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