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From Mike Baroukh <>
Subject Re: [S2] Design Advice Needed
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2007 12:14:51 GMT
I suppose there is a lot of other way to generate pdf with struts2. 
Certainly a plugin. But I don't know how it works.

However, to invoke a jsp and get the result in your action, you can use 
a requestDispatcher to obtain the resut of a jsp execution.

Here is something I already done with struts1. I have problems now with 
struts2's request dispatcher. So I don't know if it still work ...

request.setAttribute("param1", valuepram1);
Eventally, had a path to an embeded image :

ResponseWrapper responseWrapper = new ResponseWrapper(response);


responseWrapper).include(request, responseWrapper);

you can use now
byte[] bytes = responseWrapper.getBytes();
to get the file generated by the jsp.

responseWrapper is a simple class like :

public static class ResponseWrapper extends HttpServletResponseWrapper {

         private ByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
         private ServletOutputStream sos = new ServletOutputStream() {
                         public void write(int b) throws IOException {
         private PrintWriter osw = new PrintWriter(new 
                 public ResponseWrapper(HttpServletResponse response) {

                 public ServletOutputStream getOutputStream() throws 
IOException {
                         return sos;

                 public PrintWriter getWriter() throws IOException {
                         return osw;

                 public byte[] getBytes() {
                         return baos.toByteArray();


Hoying, Ken a écrit :
> I could use some advice from some folks with more experience and
> knowledge of Struts2 than I to assist me in determining the correct way
> (or lay out some viable options) to design a solution for the following
> senario:
> We need to generate a PDF report real time based on data in a database
> that is available for download.  What we believe that we would like to
> do is utilize FOP ( and use a JSP
> page to actually generate the formatting objects and then run the
> formatting objects through the FOP processor to generate and stream the
> PDF back to the user.  
> However, we are not real sure how to implement this in Struts2.  How do
> we invoke the JSP page and then get access to the results?  Do we just
> use the stream result type and then use a http call to the JSP as the
> input source?  This would seem like it would not be optimal from a
> performance standpoint, as we are making another http call to get the
> formatting objects from the jsp.  It also adds the complexity of passing
> security credentials in the call.  Or do we need to somehow create or
> own result type and if so how do we get those JSP results?  I have not
> really found any good documentation or example on writing your own
> result types.
> Thanks in advance!
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Mike Baroukh

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