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From Dale Newfield <>
Subject Re: [S2] Parameterized File Downloading
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2007 04:50:13 GMT
Grish wrote:
> <s:url id="downloadUrl" action="download" namespace="/filedownload">
>   <s:param name="inputPath" value="/images/test.gif" />
> </s:url>
> <s:a href="%{downloadUrl}">Get image</s:a>

So does this generate a link relative to your webapp of 


( note, ".action" could be ".do", ".html" or whatever you have that 
extension set to, apparently even "".  (I may have to try that in my 
app...) )

If so, then the problem is somewhere between the receipt of the request 
and the handoff after the execute() method is run from the bean defined 
as fileDownloadAction.  I leave it to you to trace through the process.
Is the setter being called?  In the execute method is there a value?  Is 
it using the class you think it's using?  You can specify a method 
(other than the default execute) if you'd like to put your checks there.


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