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From "Session A Mwamufiya" <>
Subject Re: getting the selected item in s:select
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2007 23:49:01 GMT
I'm sorry for the spam Laurie, I'll make sure to continue the same thread next time.

You actually clarified my understanding of the way s:select works, because I was under the
impression that we had to make a specific function call to get the list of selected options,
but it is done by the framework and all we need to do is access the property that we've associated
with the selection list.

Thanks a million, and again sorry for the spam.


> Session A Mwamufiya wrote:
>> Could someone tell me how in my action code I could get the item that
>> was selected by a user in a s:select list?
> Firstly, please dont' spam the list by repeatedly posting the same 
> question. If you don't get an answer to a question in a reasonable amout 
> of time, it's probably because you've framed the question in a way that is
> difficult to answer, or you haven't provided enough information. Try 
> replying to your original post on the topic, adding more information 
> and/or restating and clarifying the question.
> In this case, the problem is that your question is rather vague. If you 
> have your s:select bound to a property on your action (name='property'), 
> and your action has the appropriate getter and setter methods for that 
> property, it should 'just work'.
> Post a sample of the code you have tried and what specifically is not 
> working as you expect.
> L.
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