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From "Session A Mwamufiya" <>
Subject Re: using xml validation for a jsp at the same time as action validateable
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 23:16:29 GMT
A bit more info on this.  My struts.xml (actually, a different config file that's called from
struts.xml) contains the following:

<action name="SMIGSelection" class="">
  <result name="success">/pages/smigmaintenance/SMIGSelection.jsp</result>
  <result name="reloadNavigationFrame">/pages/smigmaintenance/EmptyReloadNavigationTree.jsp</result>
  <result name="createSMIG" type="redirect-action">SMIGCreation_input</result>

<action name="SMIGCreation_*" method="{1}" class="">
  <result name="input">/pages/smigmaintenance/SMIGCreation.jsp</result>
  <result name="reloadNavigationFrame">/pages/smigmaintenance/EmptyReloadNavigationTree.jsp</result>

I keep having both my validations go off (xml validation of fields and my validate()) when
the action is redirected from the SMIGSelection action.  I was under the impression that using
this approach should send an input result which should not trigger the validation.  By the
way, if I remove the input result in SMIGCreation, the server gives me an error that states
that there is no association between the SMIGCreation action and the result INPUT.

Any ideas?


> Hi,
> I've been trying to not have my validation fire when I navigate to a form
> and populate it with data to be edited.  Unfortunately, it still fires.
> To clarify, I'm using both xml validation and my action is validateable
> with a validate() method.  I used the approach from the HelloWorld
> example (using _input in the action call, and configuring struts.xml).
> Has anyone had problems with this before?
> Thanks, Session
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