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From "Session A Mwamufiya" <>
Subject Re: Insane problems with s:select
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 19:47:34 GMT
That happened to me once, and it ended up that the s:select tag was improperly written.  Make
sure that you are returning an appropriate map<string, string> from the function that
is associated to the list attribute in s:select.  It expects a map that maps IDs to strings
that get displayed.

Hope it helps,

> Hey guys I am having really crazy problems with s:select. Here's what 
> happens I have a jsp page with a s:form in it. Then I have a Collection 
> defined up top that gets from the session just like this 
> session.getAttribute...Also my page is actually a tile. I started doing
> this from scratch but whenever I have this s:select tag in it puts like my
> tile within the same tile so it looks a page within the same page. Um lets
> see if I get rid of s:form it still does that. The only time its fine is
> when I actually remove the s:select tag but then of course its not
> displaying my list...well its not displaying my list even if I do have
> s:select. So if anybody can provide some help that would be terrific.
> Thanks.
> -- Pavel Sapozhnikov xFact, Inc

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