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From "semaj.najraham" <>
Subject Re: Struts Url Validator
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2007 13:48:27 GMT

This is what I need in validation.xml file

<field property="website" page="2" depends="url">
	<arg position="0" key=""/>

All urls ending with .com or .net is validated while those not ending with
.com or dot else is not working.
Is this the limitation of struts validator?

Jasper Floor wrote:
> well, I'm pretty sure after checking the rfc's (1738 section3.4 and
> 3.1, 1034 section 3.5 adn 1123 section 2.1) that you are building
> vaild url's under the http scheme. So either the validator is doing
> something wrong or you are. Mind a URL is deffined as:
> <scheme>:<scheme-specific-part>
> so it really matters which scheme you are validating. Assuming the
> validator is correct perhaps you need to specify what scheme you are
> using. Assuming you're code is correct....well check the source of the
> validator to see what it's doing wrong. Then steal the code (can you
> steal oss?), rewrite it and send it back to the creators  with a
> pompous message about l33t you are compared to them and how sucky they
> are and how they are such poor hack0rs that they will never be able to
> find you... uhm, come to think of it that last part might not be such
> a good idea.
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