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From JBL <>
Subject Re: Struts 2 URL parameters lost - update (no solution yet)
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 20:35:46 GMT

An update for those interested: defines
"struts.dispatcher.parametersWorkaround" (false by default), and says it's
for some app servers that don't handle HttpServletRequest.getParameterMap()
(including mine, OC4J):

This sounds very closely related, but changing it to true didn't solve the
problem. I made sure the relevant boolean flag got set and affected behavior
in org.apache.struts2.Dispatcher, where the prepare(HttpServletRequest,
HttpServletResponse) method executes request.getParameter("foo") if
paramsWorkaroundEnabled is set. The comment: 'simply read any parameter
(existing or not) to "prime" the request'.

My guess is that this forces the request to process the ServletInputStream
and build the parameter map; not sure, though. No (URL) parameters have yet
appeared. Looking at the byte[] in the ServletInputStream, it's easy to find
the original URL with all parameters intact, but the offset (several
hundred) seems to indicate that something has already processed it.

JBL wrote:
> We have a link to a Struts 2 action that includes a URL parameter
> (.../something_method.action?name=NAME), and the URL parameter is getting
> lost -- it doesn't show up in the action, the request map (when we
> implement RequestAware), the parameter map (when we implement
> ParameterAware), or a custom interceptor we put at the top of the
> interceptor stack.
> When we submit a form to the same action with the same parameter (<input
> type="text" name="name" value="NAME"/>), it comes through just fine for
> both maps (request and parameters), and ParametersInterceptor transfers
> the form parameter values to the action just as you'd expect.
> We've tried hard-coding the method name in struts.xml, figuring the
> wildcard processor might chop off the request parameter; no luck. As early
> as we can pick things out of the request cycle, the URL parameters appear
> to be gone.
> struts.xml looks like:
> <struts>
>   <package name="..." namespace="..." extends="struts-default">
>     ...
>     <action name="something_*" class="...SomethingAction" method="{1}">
>       <result>/WEB-INF/... .jsp</result>
>     </action>
>   </package>
> </struts>
> We're using Struts 2.0.8.
> There's a similar question in the Struts 2 FAQs about the
> ParametersInterceptor not setting values, but the answer there turns out
> to be that your setter and getter have to use the same type. (See
>, in the Interceptors section.)
> Ian Roughley has a handy book available as a free PDF on
> ( - please forgive the
> plug); it suggests on page 23 that you should be able to see URL
> parameters via the ParametersInterceptor. Nothing I've seen elsewhere
> contradicts this, though the ParametersInterceptor page
> ( says that
> it would "typically" be used to apply form parameters to an action.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jon

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