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From JBL <>
Subject Re: Struts 2 URL parameters lost
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 11:33:22 GMT

Ian, thanks for the suggestion; unfortunately, it seems to produce the same
result. I've trimmed it to look like:

  <action name="something" class="...SomethingAction">
    <result>/WEB-INF/... .jsp</result>

(Wildcard and method backreference removed, and method name trimmed from URL
in JSP.) It makes it through the execute() method, but still seems to drop
the URL parameters.

Per mihel's suggestions (a later response), I also tried using the <s:url
...> tag, which didn't seem to affect things either. The generated HTML
looked about the same in any case.

You mentioned the action mapper -- someplace to look for more answers? I'll
reply again if anything turns up.


Ian Roughley wrote:
> Since it works for the form, but not the wildcard action mapping, it 
> might be an issue with the action mapper.  Try using a non-wildcard 
> mapping to see if it makes a difference.
> /Ian
> JBL wrote:
>> We have a link to a Struts 2 action that includes a URL parameter
>> (.../something_method.action?name=NAME), and the URL parameter is getting
>> lost -- it doesn't show up in the action, the request map (when we
>> implement
>> RequestAware), the parameter map (when we implement ParameterAware), or a
>> custom interceptor we put at the top of the interceptor stack.
>> When we submit a form to the same action with the same parameter (<input
>> type="text" name="name" value="NAME"/>), it comes through just fine for
>> both
>> maps (request and parameters), and ParametersInterceptor transfers the
>> form
>> parameter values to the action just as you'd expect.
>> We've tried hard-coding the method name in struts.xml, figuring the
>> wildcard
>> processor might chop off the request parameter; no luck. As early as we
>> can
>> pick things out of the request cycle, the URL parameters appear to be
>> gone.
>> struts.xml looks like:
>> <struts>
>>   <package name="..." namespace="..." extends="struts-default">
>>     ...
>>     <action name="something_*" class="...SomethingAction" method="{1}">
>>       <result>/WEB-INF/... .jsp</result>
>>     </action>
>>   </package>
>> </struts>
>> We're using Struts 2.0.8.
>> There's a similar question in the Struts 2 FAQs about the
>> ParametersInterceptor not setting values, but the answer there turns out
>> to
>> be that your setter and getter have to use the same type. (See
>>, in the Interceptors
>> section.)
>> Ian Roughley has a handy book available as a free PDF on
>> ( - please forgive the
>> plug);
>> it suggests on page 23 that you should be able to see URL parameters via
>> the
>> ParametersInterceptor. Nothing I've seen elsewhere contradicts this,
>> though
>> the ParametersInterceptor page
>> ( says that
>> it
>> would "typically" be used to apply form parameters to an action.
>> Any help would be appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Jon
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