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From Hiroyuki Suzuki <>
Subject html:text inside logic:iterate
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 10:19:31 GMT

hello guys..Im Hiroyuki and im new here..
Hope you could help me with some of my inquiries.

I have this JSP
<logic:iterate name="metaEntryConfirmForm" indexId="index"  id="item1"
  <td><html:multibox property="bitratebox"><bean:write
name="item1"/></html:multibox><bean:write name="item1"/></td>
   <td><html:text name="item1" property="bitrateTxt" indexed="true"
   <td><html:multibox property="haishinselect"
   <td><html:multibox property="haishinselect"
   <td><html:multibox property="haishinselect"

my action form contains:
	private String[] bitratebox = {};
	private String[] items1 = {"500k","1M","2M","5M","6M"};
	public String[] getBitratebox() {
		return this.bitratebox;
	public void setBitratebox(String[] bitratebox) {
		this.bitratebox = bitratebox;
	public String[] getItems1(){
		return this.items1;

When i try to run it,  it produces the ff error
javax.servlet.ServletException: Bean items1 のプロパティ bitrateTxt
which means no getter method for Bean item1 property bitrate.

What is wrong with my code?
please help me

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