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From Nuwan Chandrasoma <>
Subject Re: [S2] Ajax performance optimisation
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2007 14:40:04 GMT
Hi Frank,

First of all thanks for these tips.., we did the custom dojo build and 
parseWidget tag setting also. but we havent done the 2nd and 3rd tips 
you have given here., i have a small doubt when it comes to moving 
static resource to the web server. will there be any problem when it 
comes to having http and https content together? i don't have much 
experience when it comes to web servers like apache



Frank W. Zammetti wrote:
> I have a very complex app using Dojo that just went live a few weeks 
> ago (although *not* using S2), and this past week we got a 70+% 
> performance improvement out of it.  We did three things Dojo-related.  
> First, we used a custom build (previously we just let Dojo import 
> whatever it needed on the fly).  I know this is a primary suggestion 
> the Dojo team makes, so I assume you've done that already.  Second, 
> all the Dojo resources, all the .js, .css and image files, were moved 
> onto the web server.  Third, we set expires headers for all these 
> resources to one hour on Apache.
> None of that is rocket science, but it made an absolutely amazing 
> difference.  We're under SSL as well, and our performance right now is 
> on par with what a developer sees running it locally without SSL.  
> It's absolutely stunning.
> We actually moved *all* our static resources out to the web server (we 
> use other libraries like ActiveWidgets, WiseBlocks and have a ton of 
> .js that makes up the app itself).  We also made some other 
> architectural changes, so the improvement we saw isn't strictly what 
> we did with Dojo.  But, myself and another senior guy spent all week 
> measuring and benchmarking and testing and I can say for sure that the 
> biggest improvement was in fact the Dojo changes.
> hth,
> Frank
> Nuwan Chandrasoma wrote:
>> Hi,
>> we also had the similar problem, we had a s1.x application with dojo 
>> and we did all the performance enhancements that was recommended by 
>> dojo, but we could not achive what we want and our application was 
>> running in https mode. it add more performance problem to the 
>> application.
>> Thanks,
>> Nuwan
>> Adam Hardy wrote:
>>> Jason Wyatt on 27/07/07 08:55, wrote:
>>>> I've been trying to speed up the Ajax performance of our 
>>>> application, based
>>>> on the notes at
>>>> I'm a bit unsure where I should extract the static content to, such 
>>>> as the
>>>> css and javascript files included by the Ajax theme (shown below):
>>>> <link rel="stylesheet" href="/iacd/struts/xhtml/styles.css"
>>>> type="text/css"/>
>>>> <script type="text/javascript"
>>>>         src="/iacd/struts/dojo/dojo.js"></script>
>>>> <script type="text/javascript"
>>>>         src="/iacd/struts/simple/dojoRequire.js"></script>
>>>> <script type="text/javascript"
>>>>         src="/iacd/struts/ajax/dojoRequire.js"></script>
>>>> <script type="text/javascript"
>>>>         src="/iacd/struts/CommonFunctions.js"></script>
>>>> For example, the styles.css file above is stored in the
>>>> struts2-core-2.0.8.jar under the path /template/xhtml.
>>>> But if I extract this file to the webroot/template/xhtml, it seems 
>>>> that the
>>>> link in the code above won't work, so I should instead extract it to
>>>> webroot/struts/xhtml.
>>>> Is this understanding correct? Basically I'm wondering how the 
>>>> mapping works
>>>> between the template folder in the jar file and the struts folders 
>>>> mentioned
>>>> in the Ajax theme's code.
>>> Looks like a servlet filter declared in the web.xml would pick up 
>>> anything with /struts/* and handle it from there but I don't see it 
>>> mentioned in a casual check of the wiki so it could be some other 
>>> mechanism.
>>> I spent about a week trying to get dojo to perform better the way we 
>>> were using it, and for the performance we required then, we worked 
>>> out we couldn't afford any more than a dozen dojo widgets on a page, 
>>> even with all the dojo performance enhancements recommended by dojo.
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