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From Anton Pussep <>
Subject Can Tiles provide highly configurable UI?
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 07:20:20 GMT
My company started to implement a framework that will allow us to build
up highly customizable layouts, based on components,
description/configuration files and parameters. The objective is it to
allow every customer to have an own layout, such that we can make our
service appear in the same layout as our customer's website. The
business logic and content remain, just the presentation should be
different for every user.

Today I read about Tiles and at the first glance it seems like it is
meant just for such purposes. Do you think that Tiles is flexible and
powerful enough, such that for any customer we can provide any layout he
might want us to adopt to? Is there any working example out there using
multiple layouts? So far I just came across simple examples using just
one layout and I cannot assess myself if this framework is powerful
enough. I would be very helpful if you could provide me some information
on that issue.


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