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From Dale Newfield <>
Subject [S2] onchange semantic mismatch for optiontransferselect
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 19:19:43 GMT
An optiontransferselect is composed on the page of a couple select 
boxes, and buttons to move items around in/between them.  The semantic 
meaning of this collection of elements is a single selected and ordered 
list, and I would like to add an "onchange" javascript call for when the 
selected items change.  The problem is that the tag only provides for 
registering these types of events on the two select boxes, and as far as 
they are concerned, adding additional (non-selected) items does not 
count as a change in what it's watching: which items are selected.

I propose adding another more global "metaonchange" attribute to this 
tag, which gets called upon completion of any of the functions 
implementing the movement buttons.

Comments?  Is there anyone that would find this simple to add, or should 
I create a JIRA ticket and post a set of patches?  Can anyone quickly 
tell me if my guess that this will only require changes to three files 
is incorrect?  (, optiontransferselect.js, 


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