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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: submit of a loaded form via ajax won't work in IE
Date Sun, 08 Jul 2007 01:12:36 GMT
In IE, the form that does the ajax submit can't be contained in the 
target div, unless you set the attribute showLoadingText="false".

There's an issue in JIRA about this and it's already been resolved in a 
future S2 release.  Basically in IE when the loading text is inserted 
into the DOM it overwrites the form and the javascript that does the 
post can't find the form fields to post (or something like that)..

Set showLoadingText="false" in s:submit and s:div and it will work fine 
in IE.

beroba wrote:
> Hi,
> i have a <s:div> tag and i can load its content asynchronously via ajax.
> This content is a simple form that i would submit after filling its fields.
> Submitting works in FF but not in IE. I achieve error messages from my
> validator that i should fill the required fields...
> Here is the code how the form will be loaded:
> <s:url id="ajaxCallUrl" value=""></s:url>
> <s:div theme="ajax" href="%{ajaxCallUrl}" id="loginbox"></s:div>
> And here is my form:
> <s:form action="/" validate="false" cssClass="standardbox_side"
> cssStyle="margin: 0; padding: 0; " id="loginid" method="POST">
> <s:textfield key="username" name="username" cssClass="inputform"
> required="true" requiredposition="right" maxlength="30" labelposition="top"
> />
> <s:password key="password" name="passphrase" cssClass="inputform"
> required="true" requiredposition="right" maxlength="32" labelposition="top"
> />
> <s:submit cssClass="btn mb10 clr fr" value="Login" targets="loginbox"
> theme="ajax"/></s:form>
> Thanks,
> beroba

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