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From "Jeff Amiel" <>
Subject Re: Struts1 and 2
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2007 15:23:01 GMT
On 6/18/07, Sivapatham, Hari <> wrote:
> Thanks Martin. I did look at the comparison. However as I don't know
> struts1, I am not able to judge whether a struts1 user would find
> struts2 concepts to be pretty much the same or radically different and
> hard to follow. I am looking for user perspective on how much of the
> knowledge gained from struts1 can be applied to struts2.

We are/have been a struts 1 shop for years....
While we didn't use all of the struts 1 bells and whistles that  were
available,  we did make good use of it.

Just started experimenting with struts 2 over last few weeks.  You
will feel right at home.  All of the differences (so far) have been
welcome additions.  We were heavy users of dynaaction forms....and not
having to establish all that configuration (just put the elements as
class variables for the action) was a real time-saver.  Plus the ajax
theme stuff that makes it SOOO easy to have the results of an action
simply update a div on the jsp is super slick (we did that before with
home grown ajax via dwr, but with struts2, it is a breeze.)

It's not as totally different as some people make out.  You have still
have JSP's that submit data to actions which then result in returns to
JSP's.  (or xhtml/freemarker as you see fit).  I have had a very
pleasant time over the last few weeks...making careful note of where I
DON'T have to write code anymore and struts2 asserts it's 'convention
over configuration'  power.

Good luck!

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