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From "Jeff Amiel" <>
Subject How can one servlet (ActionServlet) effect another servlet (AxisServlet)...?
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 00:33:33 GMT
Recent issue is driving me batty.  Suddenly started receiving
exceptions in app server logs (tomcat a la jboss)...

Servlet.service() for servlet AxisServlet threw exception

After many many hours of research, appears that I get this exception
if a  specific struts action (one of several) executes at the same
time as a SOAP call to the AxisServlet.  It ends up causing the return
of an empty dataset to the calling SOAP client (and giving me a bad
headache to boot).


The actions that appear to cause this aren't special in any way (not
any different than other actions in my application), but I am
obviously missing something.  I have a suspicion that the struts
actions that cause this are all chained events (one action calls
another which leads to a JSP....but can't completely confirm).

Any thoughts?  How can the activities of one servlet effect another
such as this?  Yes...they are in the same war/ear......and they
probably share some common classes.....

For the record...Jboss 4./tomcat 5.5 Struts 1.3X  and Axis 1.2
(although have tried 1.4...same results).  Java 1.5 on FreeBSD 6.0.

Any help would be appreciated.

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