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From Oguz Kologlu <>
Subject Re: email within action
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2007 14:01:00 GMT
Depends on what you want to do really. As Guru points out you can use  
Web Services though that can grow unwieldy. For something light and  
pretty straightforward you may just want to use JSON (javascript  
object notation) or Xml HttpRequests. Have a look at the showcase  
project in S2 on how to use the Dojo toolkit.


On 25/06/2007, at 11:29 PM, Chris Pat wrote:

> Hi
> Thank you.  This was quite enlightening and gets me in the correct  
> direction.  Being a newbie, I am unabashed to ask another  
> associated question.  Can one use JMS as a replacement for RMI?  I  
> am looking for a very lightweight api to just allow a client to  
> call an objects method on the server deployed on tomcat5x.
> Oguz Kologlu <> wrote:
> On 25/06/2007, at 10:33 PM, Chris Pat wrote:
>> Hello
>> How can I send the email asynchronously? My timeframe is the
>> lifecycle of the action and my browser session.
> Well you will probably not be doing the emailing async but rather
> firing off an async request to send an email ( eg send "hello world"
> to this list of 1000 recipients) and response to the client (ie
> browser) that the emails are going out. You really don't have to wait
> for an email to be sent since email is a store and forward mechanism
> anyway with no guaranteed delivery.
> You probably need to read up a little on messaging. As Guru also said
> a JMS server would meet your needs.
> There's generally a JMS server built into most app servers or you can
> plug one in if it doesn't have one. A good list at:
> I've used ActiveMQ before and it's quite stable/reliable. It's run
> for a few months without problems (though not under heavy load), YMMV.
> Oz
>>   Can I really get a mail session and send from within an action?
>> Doesnt that assume I am threading the process?  When would this
>> breakdown?  At 100/hr or 1000/hr?  Thank you.
>> Oguz Kologlu  wrote: yes, The main issue
>> will response times if you a send emails
>> synchronously ( if you can you send async). Async will definitely
>> scale better since the client isn't blocking a thread for nothing.
>> Simultaneous clients should be no problem as long as you follow the
>> same threading rules as everything else shared vars etc.
>> For high loads you should use messaging. There's a ton of stuff on
>> the net about async programming but it really depends on your
>> environment. For a full JEE setup I'd probably use a Message Driven
>> Bean. What sort of volume are you looking at and what's the
>> environment?
>> Oz
>> On 25/06/2007, at 9:35 PM, Chris Pat wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> Is it possible to send an email within an action?  How/What are the
>>> issues?  Is this scalable?  How does it play with the framework and
>>> multiple simultaneous clients?  Any insight would be appreciated.
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