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From Mansour <>
Subject Submitting a form with ajax submit inside the form
Date Sun, 24 Jun 2007 03:54:27 GMT
 From the documentation

If the submit button is used inside a form (href is not required on this 
case), the form will be submitted asynchronously:

This is note true. It can never submit from inside a form. This will 
never anything. It will never make any thing. I am using 2.0.6

<s:iterator value="taskList" status="stat" id="row">

<s:form action="updateTask" id="form_${id}">
    <s:if test="#stat.odd == true">
        <tr class="odd">
        <tr class="even">

    <div id="DIV_${id}">
        <s:textfield value="${id}" name="" />

        <s:submit theme="ajax"  />

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