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From Roberto Nunnari <>
Subject properties at times not found
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 16:16:22 GMT

I have an action with a getter for a List.
In the execute method of the action I can verify the list is not empty.
But in the jsp view, at times it reports an empty list.

the action:
public class StorySearch extends ActionSupport {
     private List<Story> stories = null;
     public String execute() throws Exception {
         stories = dataManager.searchStories(...);
         for (Story story : stories) {
             System.out.println(" "+story.getId());
         return SUCCESS;

     public List getStories() {
         return stories;

the JSP:
<c:url var="storyURL" value="/StoryView.action"/>
<display:table name="${stories}" requestURI="storySearch.action">
     <display:column property="id" href="${storyURL}" paramId="id"/>
     <display:column property="title"/>
     <display:column property="text"/>
     <display:column property="link" autolink="true"/>
     <display:column property="accessCount" sortable="true"/>
     <display:column property="creationDate" sortable="true"/>
     <display:caption>This is the table caption</display:caption>

Any hints?
Thank you.


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