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From Mark P Ashworth <>
Subject Re: [S2.0.8] datetimepicker.... is it a train wreck?
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 13:06:14 GMT

Good Day,

Thank you for the help.

I found a javascript calendar that has date and time functionality. Is there
a way I can use this with a normal s:textfield?

I want to use the following format in the text field.
2007-06-14 20:41

Must I create a converter or should I use localization?

Mark P Ashworth

Jeromy Evans - Blue Sky Minds wrote:
>> My question is if the datetimepicker is only going to be ready in 2.1
>> then
>> how should I implement this in my application? 
> As mentioned previously in this thread, a work-around for the current 
> datetimepicker issues is to convert the date value to and from an 
> RFC3339 string within your action.  The conversion is a simple 
> DateFormat operation.  This is the JSP that works:
> <s:datetimepicker name="answerString" displayFormat="d MMMM yyyy"
>                       type="date"
>                       value="%{defaultAnswerDate}"
>                       startDate="%{todayAsRFC3339}"
>                       required="true"/>
> where answerString, defaultAnswerDate and todayAsRFC3339 are all string 
> properties and all values are in RFC3339 format (not Date!)
> That will give you a popup calendar that works in at least in IE6 and 
> Firefox.  I burnt about 10 hours trying to get that stupid thing to work.
> The timepicker mode (type="time") is simply terrible and I can't 
> recommend it whatsoever.  It works, but it's awful to use.  I've already 
> removed it from all my projects and replaced it with some selects and 
> basic javascript.  In fact, my client also hates the datetimepicker 
> calendar implementation (type="date") - sure it looks nice, but for 
> reasons I don't understand the popup's design seems to confuse 
> non-technical people.  I'll be replacing that with the one Torsten 
> emailed about earlier at the first opportunity I get:
> - Jeromy Evans
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