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From "David Conrad" <>
Subject Re: [S2]XML output problem
Date Sat, 05 May 2007 19:16:18 GMT
If you don't want line feeds in the output, why do you include them in the JSP?

Okay, sorry for the snarky response. :) The first time I saw this, it
threw me off as well, although it wasn't with generating XML. Now I
always use a different style in the declarations in my JSP. Here's the
corrected version:

<%@ taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags"
%><%@ page contentType="text/xml; charset=UTF-8"
%><s:property value="userMoviesFeed" escape="false"/>

At first, it looks a little weird. <%@ ... %> is the natural way to do
it. But after a while, you get used to seeing it this way.

<%@ ...
%><%@ ...
%><%@ ...
%><%@ ...
%><%@ ...
%><s:html ...

I now do this even for my pages that generate HTML, and consider it to
be the "right" way to format the declarations. No more HTML pages that
start with a dozen blank lines!

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