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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: <s:select .../>
Date Thu, 17 May 2007 08:49:13 GMT
Dave Newton wrote:
> --- wrote:
>> Say, if I want to display an item's value from the
>> map, what is the syntax?
>> I tried this, but obviously this was too intuitive.
>> <s:property value="someMap[someKey]" />
> That's what I do. With names changed to protect the
> innocent, here's one of my textfields:
> <s:textfield
> name="exDataMap[%{}].%{which}[0].foo"/>
> Each map entry is a collection of objects with a foo
> property. The %{which} is because each map entry has a
> few different properties that I need to display based
> on a request parameter. #result is a set variable
> hence the # to distinquish it from the stack's root.
> It's a reasonably complex data structure I'm dealing
> with, but so far I haven't had any issues, including
> dynamically generating additional rows via JavaScript.

Based on that little example, I nominate Dave as author of the Advanced 
Guide to OGNL ;-)

That said, stanlick, what you wrote should do exactly what you were 
probably expecting. If not, post what you expected vs. what you got and 
any relevant supporting details (what someMap is, what someKey is, 
etc.). '...this was too intuitive...' isn't a very descriptive problem 
report ;-) [assuming it even was one!]


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