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From "Marcin Zduniak" <>
Subject Dynamic parameters in struts.xml
Date Tue, 01 May 2007 15:35:36 GMT
Hello everyone,

  I am using Struts2 and I am curious how to pass dynamic parameter
values to an action. I have following XML snippet:

		<action name="otherDeposite"
			<result name="back" type="redirect-action">
				<param name="actionName">accountsList</param>
			<result name="next" type="redirect-action">
				<param name="actionName">accountsList</param>
				<param name="myParameter">myValue</param>
				<param name="myParameter2">{#myValue}</param>
				<param name="myParameter3">{myValue}</param>
				<param name="myParameter4">%{myValue}</param>
				<param name="myParameter5">${myValue}</param>
				<param name="myParameter6">%{#myValue}</param>
			<result name="input">/jsp/otherDeposite.jsp</result>

myValue is a getter method in OtherDepositeAction action class.
Unfortunately none of these expressions are properly exchanged into
value from myValue property.

Is there any solution to passing dynamic parameters while redirecting
to another action ?

Thank you and kind regards,

Marcin Zduniak          
+ 48 600 27 88 66   

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