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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: <s:select .../>
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 15:24:29 GMT
--- wrote:
> Can someone identify the attributes of this example
> code, preferably in the documentation itself?
> <s:select label="Pets"

The label.

>        name="petIds"

The action property.

>        list="petDao.pets"

Where the list comes from (the list used to populate
the options).

>        listKey="id"

The value for <option value="xxx">

>        listValue="name"

The text of the option <option...>XXX</option>

>        multiple="true"

Multiple select?

>        size="3"

How tall is it?

>        required="true"

Is it a required form element?

> Is there an expectation that a getPetDao() exists
> somewhere?  

Yes. That's where the list comes from.

> Also, what is listKey/listValue 

See above.

> [...] it eludes me how development comes to a \
> screeching halt when you need to drop one on a 
> screen!

That eludes me too.


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