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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: <s:select> problem
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 04:09:50 GMT
kursy003 wrote:
> iam getting problem with <s:select> tag in struts2. I am populating a list of
> values into the drop down box from the database something like search.
> 		<struts:select label="searchCategories"
> list="#{'searchCategories':#{searchCategory1}}" >
> 			</struts:select>
> In select box iam getting output as {null=null}.Please help me 

You have a corrupted OGNL expression ("#{...#{...}}"). Try this instead:

     <s:select label="searchCategories"
         list="#{'searchCategories': searchCategory1}">

However, that's giving you a single name/value pair, which may not be 
what you want. Hopefully it'll get you to the next step though.


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