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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: confused about validation
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 12:52:43 GMT
On 4/2/07, <> wrote:
> The first thing I would do is fixing the broken links. For example if
> you go to the page:

The problem with links like these is that the path is pointing to the
"java" folder rather than the "resources" folder. Anyone with a CLA on
file can find and fix these.

The changes won't show up on the */2.0.6/* version, since that is a
historical archive. But they will show up on the */2.x/* draft

> Second thing I will re factor the documentation and try to keep all the
> links on one single page. For example,
> I will put all the
> details of selecting a type found on this page
>, under the link
> "Selecting Results
> <> We setup
> different results for different result codes."

That could be done by using the Confluence include macro, so that the
content is not duplicated.

> As you can see from questions, the answers were there, but I couldn't
> reach them. This tells that the documentation is sufficient to get a
> newbie started, but the information has to be placed in a handy place so
> that they can be easily reached.

I wish I knew how to make it better, but, honestly, I don't. The wiki
format is great for group editing, but it's very difficult to make
sweeping changes to the organization.

> The problem I am running into right now is how to control the location
> of the validation error. My guess is to use css,
> but I am looking for an example. I have feeling that it's there
> somewhere there on the site, but the problem is how to find it.

The location of the validation error messages is determined by the theme.


> I will let you know if I noticed any thing else that can be adjusted and
> provide you with the suggestion.

The best thing might to be file JIRA tickets with very specific
suggestions, or, alternatively, file a CLA, and implement the changes



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