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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: resume after login feature
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2007 14:40:21 GMT
--- meeboo <> wrote:
> I'm kind of stumped on this problem too, how can I
> send the original request uri to the login action so

> that it knows what page to redirect to? 

Which is the problem; getting the original request, or
sending data to the action?

Sending data to the action is easy; you can use an
existing interface (like parameter aware, etc.) to
pass a key/value, or you can create a new known
interface (like setOriginalRequest or whatever) and
use that.

The OP had a few ideas for getting the original
request, so I assume your question is passing the


> Jae K wrote:
>> I'm trying to implement a feature where a custom
>> AuthenticationInterceptor would redirect the 
>> useragent to a login page, and then after the user 
>> logs in, he is redirected to the original request 
>> page.
>> First, I have to send the original request path
>> has a parameter to the login page or as a hidden 
>> field. To do this I plan to do one of the
>> 1) use Redirect-Action with an OGNL param that
>> looks like ${request.path}. I'm not familiar with 
>> OGNL so I'm not sure this will work
>> 2) create a custom Redirect class that will use
>> the HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse 
>> objects to send the original request path in the
>> redirect URL.

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