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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: Iterator Problem: how to get the changed values ?
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 16:42:13 GMT
--- Syed Ibrahim <> wrote:
> I am using iterator to list some values in textfilds
> in tabular format, following way.
> <s:iterator value="myList">
> 	<s:properties value="Id"/>	
> 	<s:textfield value="%{name}"
> </s:iterator>
> How can I achieve that in Struts 2 ?

You should be able to just make myList be something
List-y (and if you use generics I don't think you need
to do anything w/ the conversion properties file) and
use the status.index to create array-ish property

<s:iterator value="beanList" status="stat">
  <s:textfield name="beanList[%{stat.index}].propName"

(Or something like that; I don't have any of my code
in front of me, but hopefully that's enough to get you
started :/



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