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From Dale Newfield <>
Subject Re: Interceptors and thread-safety
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 04:53:56 GMT
Laurie Harper wrote:
>> Likewise, should two different users both calling an execAndWait 
>> action be able to co-exist, or will they mess with each other up?
> One would hope the former ;-) execAndWait obeys the thread-safety 
> requirement, so there shouldn't be any collisions on a 
> request-by-request basis.

The url to which the waiting page refreshes contains no special 
information distinguishing it from other such requests.  I understand 
that the request will be part of the same session as the previous 
request that generated it, so session scoped info could be used to tie 
the new request in with the already running thread, and that would 
enable more than one user to use the same execAndWait without getting 
the threads mixed up.  It does seem, though, that there's no way to 
distinguish between two such refreshes in the same session, so that 
implies only a single simultaneous use of a single execAndWait action 
per login?  I assume this could be made to work without conflicts by 
passing some identifier back and forth...


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