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From Skip Hollowell <>
Subject Re: [S2] Adding Calendar function to a form.
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 13:10:52 GMT
The more I look at and play with this scenario, the more I am starting 
to thing that using the default XHTML theme is not the way to go.  I 
would be much better served, I think to use the simple theme, giving me 
much more control over layout and additional tags around my form 
fields.  Is that a proper assumption, and a more 'struts2-ish' way of 
approaching things?


Skip Hollowell wrote:
> Trying again, due to bad formatting on Nabble...
> I saw cilquirms reply, but I don't think I phrased my problems
> correctly.  I understand that the tag libraries are very accomodating,
> but I am at a loss as to how to insert this code.  This little calendar
> image and the associated href for clickability would need to go
> somewhere inside the generated code that the tag outputs.  Is that even
> possible?  I want to have the little calendar icon be next to the field
> input, so user's can use it instead of typing in a date by hand.
> Hopefully that is a bit more clear on my issues.
> Any ideas?
> -------------------------------------------------------
> I tried the s:datetimepicker to work on things, but since I am not using
> AJAX, I believe that is a dead end, no?  There'd be no point in bringing
> in the ajax theme if I wasn't using AJAX.
> So how do I incorporate a standard js calendar routine into a field on
> my form?
> What I want to add is this calendar clickable icon that brings up a date
> picker:
> <pre>
> <a href="javascript:NewCal('demo1','ddmmmyyyy',true,24)"><img
> src="images/cal.gif" width="16" height="16" border="0" alt="Pick a
> date"></a>
> </pre>
> Where I want to add it is next to my input box on my form for the
> datePaid field:
> <s:textfield key="p.datePaid"  />
> I am just missing the concept here on how to plug custom code into the
> s: tags.  I am trying very hard not to hack this thing to bits with
> tricks and cheats.
> Skip Hollowell
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