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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: [S2] s:tabbedPanel with remote tabs and javascript on the remote tabs
Date Sun, 01 Apr 2007 21:38:02 GMT
--- Musachy Barroso <> wrote:
> And it shows the two alerts, and sets the tab
> content to: "Show me some text also"

I have run in to a similar problem now under 2.0.6...

My top-level page is a JSP with a tabbedPanel and two
divs, one remote. I've had two issues.

(1) Remote div URL issue

The remote div has a form and an embedded remote div,
which has never worked, given me a funky URL: the url
generated via <s:url.../> is correct, but the error I
get is showing the URL as


When I displayed the <s:url.../> on the same page it
was correct. 

  <s:div...>local crap</s:div>
  <s:div id="foo" href="%{}" theme="ajax">...</s:div>

The pseudo-JSP for div "foo":

  <s:form stuff.../>
<s:div id="bar" href="%{}">

To continue testing I moved that JSP directly into the
<s:div.../> so now it looks like:

  <s:div...>local crap</s:div>
  <s:div id="foo" >
      <s:form stuff.../>
    <s:div id="bar" href="%{}">

...which led to the problems the OPs were having...

(2) Scripts in returned JSP not executing.

I have a <script...>...</script> chunk that
theoretically does an alert and runs some
scriptaculous on an element "above" it.

I see the JavaScript in the GET return, but the alert
doesn't pop and the scriptaculous bits are never


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