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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: Can SomeOne Help?? NullPointerException in TilesException using Tiles with Struts 2
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2007 13:30:30 GMT
--- Avinash Wable wrote:
> I already posted this in "NullPointerException in
> TilesException using Tiles with Struts 2" thread.

Sorry it took me so long; I've been training a vole to
program Java so I can send it to work in my place.

> Does anyone got the same problem when using Tiles 2
> with Struts 2

Nope. Which version of S2 are you using?

> <tiles-definitions>
>    <definition name=""
>                path="/login/Login.jsp"/>
> [...]

If nothing else, shouldn't that be:


That changed at some point; I don't recall which
version though.

> <struts>
>   <package name="login" 
>            namespace="/login"
>            extends="tiles-default">
>     <action name="Welcome"
>             class="login.ShowLogin">
>       <result name="showLogin"
>               type="tiles"></result>
> [...]

You must be defining the tiles result somewhere,
otherwise it would get as far as it does.

I'm assuming your Action class is returning the
correct result String.

Does it work with 'template' instead of 'page'?


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