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From Adam Gordon <>
Subject Thread.sleep(...) in Struts Action
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 17:48:09 GMT
I'm trying to determine the ramifications of putting a Thread.sleep(...) 
call in a Struts action - i.e. since only one instance of the action is 
created by the server, even though Tomcat is multi-threaded, would/could 
an invalid login by one user hinder a valid login by another user?

Basically, I'm doing a database lookup based on login parameters before 
the user is actually authenticated because the type of authentication 
depends on one of their login parameters.

Our login page performs a POST to authenticate and I'd like to put in a 
delay when a login failure occurs so that it hinders/frustrates any 
malicious users and any scripts they might be running.  I realize this 
isn't a foolproof solution but since the user isn't authenticated yet, I 
don't have a ton of options.  One other thing we'll probably be doing is 
session validation/invalidation.

If anyone has any other ideas or knows the answer to my question please 
let me know.  Thanks.


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